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Look within yourself

A wedding is your celebration – it is your day on which you make the most beautiful and the most important vows in your life. It is worth to ensure that the setting is not only formal but also unique – reflecting your passions and dreams. If travelling is your passion then the main theme of your ceremony could be your travels – which from this special day will become your lifetime journey together. If your thing is sailing, then embark on a voyage together. If it’s photography or painting that you love, then invite your loved ones to an art atelier. We can use your passions as inspiration for that special day.



Your theme

Although wedding will touch many areas of your life – as it both ends one chapter and opens another – it is worth to focus on one recurring theme that will bind multiple stories into one.  You can create your logo that will stay with you throughout your whole life. You can use it with sentiment on your upcoming wedding anniversaries or use it as a bookplate for your books. This logo could be yours forever.


Have fun with colours

Of course, as regards colours, there are always some trends. But it important for the colour to match your temperaments and likes. A Dreamland or a rock-themed celebration? Your choice defines the colours. It’s important that they go well together. It is best to choose 3-4 main colours as your basis. They influence your invitations, flowers, decorations and every other detail. It is important to keep your chosen colours handy when making every decision



In love with the movies

If you love films or there’s any particular film that you like, then you can use it as a theme for your wedding reception. Films are a great theme for decorations, telling your story, getting your guests to know you better as they not always know you that well as a couple. If, for example, you love Luhrmann’s films who is responsible for productions such as Moulin Rouge or Romeo+Juliet then you can be bold with colours or amplify the atmosphere with suitable film music. This can be an inspiration for the scenery but also a background for the story about you. It can also be used for your first dance. Then it’s a great idea to prepare a cinema-inspired place for taking pictures for guests or a popcorn bar with boxes designed specifically for that occasion. 


Kids at the wedding

Every person who had at least once to attend a wedding with a child in tow knows that just as important it is to have this first dance with your daughter... so is having a moment of peace. That’s why it’s worth to ensure a safe place where parents could leave their child under someone’s care. Such place should be unique and make sure that children will make unforgettable memories. And that doesn’t require a popular slide or a ball pool. On the contrary. Surprise the kids! Play area supervised by a person who’s really into looking after children and is experienced when it comes to organizing games will ensure unforgettable memories. Perhaps the concept of games could be adjusted to go hand in hand with theme of your party.


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